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Public Comment Letters on California’s Spray Plan (the “Pest PEIR”)

The California Department of Food & Agriculture published the draft Pest PEIR in August, 2014 for public comment. Below, you can download our comment letter as well as letters from some other groups.

Comment letters are the only opportunity for the public to express views on PEIRs and to have the legal right to challenge a PEIR in court.  The comments submitted are the  public’s are the basis for any legal actions against the PEIR.

  1.   Download copies of CEHI’s comment letter on the PEIR:

    CEHI et al. Comments      Reference List for CEHI et al. Comments     

     CEHI Pollinator Expert Comments  Reference List for Pollinator Comments    

       Toxicologist Brief Comments

  1.   Read a Press Release about our comment letter here

  1.   Download a one-page flyer on the PEIR here that you can distribute

  1.   Read our general Press Release about the Pest PEIR’s flaws here.

  1.   Read other groups’ comment letters on the PEIR: 

CA Certified Organic Farmers’ comments          Bolinas Community water district comments


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